Avivah Wittenberg-Cox speaks and consults across the globe, writes for FORBES and Harvard Business Review and is the Founder and Honorary President of the Global Professional Women’s Network. She has listened to thousands of executives through her consulting business, thousands of women through her non-profit roles, and hundreds of couples in her coaching and consulting work. She brings a big-picture, global perspective to contemporary issues, at work and in life. Happily married to a delightful Englishman, Avivah is based in London where she occasionally welcomes her two grown, globe-trotting, gender-balanced kids. More here.

Balance @Work

The goal is the same: responding to the evolving 21st century realities of markets and talent pools. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and her team at 20-first work with progressive global companies interested in engaging 100% of the talent pool and serving 100% of the market – across cultures, gennders and generations.

Want to constructively and impactfully engage people in conversations on how to lead across differences?

Balance @Life

The consequences of the gender revolution are equally shape-shifting at home. New roles, new goals and new rules – for everyone. Altered anew by the Covid crisis and its pressures.

Want to engage people in bringing leadership skills home? Explore the personal-professional choices of contemporary couples?

My TEDx on Conscious Coupling offers contemporary models for dual-career couples. While my book, Late Love, is a memoir-driven account of reclaiming love in the second half of life.

Sample Speeches

Sample Speeches

  • Thriving to 100 – Longer lives, longer careers, longer marriages: the consequences for self, love and work
  • Late Love – mating in maturity
  • Late Work – the liberation of the nothing-left-to-prove years.
  • 4 Phases of Women’s Career Cycles – pacing work for a lifetime, and the time of your life