Coaching mantra: honesty, clarity, positivity.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox has been coaching CEOs, executive teams and individuals for two decades in companies across the globe. She’s led courageous conversations with thousands of executive teams in over 40 countries.

HONESTY: Getting elephants into the room and onto the table.

CLARITY: Naming the dynamics – in the team and on the topic.

POSITIVITY: Finding alignment and constructive visioning and action planning.

Works for individual coaching too.

Balance @ Work

Coaching for CEOs, executive teams and individuals:

  1. WHY buy your vision?
    Vision, communication, stakeholder management. Becoming compelling.
  2. Who follows YOU?
    Self-awareness, understanding impact, strengths and blind spots. Engaging followers.
  3. Moving to US
    Leading inclusively, building buy-in, aligning teams. Building balance.

Do people understand where you are headed? Are they aligned as a team? Does the team reflect the talent and the market? Discuss, align, grow.

Balance @ Life

For teams, networks or individuals. Thriving to 100.

  1. It’s a Phase: Managing Career Cycles
    Pacing careers in the age of longevity. Composing with Dual Career couples. Flexing your mind and your mantra.
  2. It’s a Goal: Clarifying Priorities
    What do I want? What do I do? Who do I love? What do I hope for?
  3. It’s a Choice: Choosing to Choose
    Transitioning smoothly through change, leaving well, starting afresh, pacing priorities.

Listen to what everyone says. Then innovate your own answers – at work and at home.