The Midlife ReThink

Life and careers are stretching ever longer. If we want to thrive to 100, we want to get good at managing multiple transitions along the way – at work and at home. We’ll have several careers, multiple educations, and perhaps more than one marriage (even if it’s to the same person). Figuring out where you are, helps to pace and plan the road ahead.

I’ve been coaching individuals and teams through transitions of all kinds for the past two decades in companies and countries across the globe. I work comfortably across cultures, genders, and generations. I certified as an Executive Coach (CPCC) with CTI, as a Systems and Relationship Coach with ORSC and am a member of the ICF. My three passports have allowed me to live and work in half a dozen countries (although, sadly, I only speak and coach in two languages, French and English). My two grown children have gifted me a foot in Africa and another in Asia.

Avivah is powerfully insightful. In less than an hour, she reframed how I was looking at the next chapter of my career. Our conversation created a sense of space, allowing me to aim higher with my ambition while also feeling less stressed and anxious about how (and how fast) I can achieve my goals. Her intuition, experience, and gravitas make her a very powerful coach. Thank you!

“Somehow you have the ability to see the threads in people’s worries or dreams and mirror them back in a way that helps the narrator see clearly what they themselves had just expressed as a series of inchoate thoughts.”

Thank you so much for your wonderful, motivating, and inspiring coaching sessions. You gave me a feeling of being completely understood, embraced, and loved. What a wonderful experience.

I never would have thought an hour could be so shape-shifting! But it made me see my next phase with entirely new eyes.

Avivah is probably one of the best coaches I’ve encountered. Her sharp, insightful observations and provocative questions help reexamine personal assumptions.

Avivah is great: she knows when to listen, and when to tell it like it is. Her perspectives lift us and remind us who we are. Precious gifts!

Avivah rocks. I knew that before, but coaching with her was fun, deep and so motivating. It was like a concentrated intake of power food for thought. I started to use her insights in my situation as my new mantra: “Everything is easy at my age!” Avivah is super perceptive and instantly gets you. I have been coached before, but this was truely exceptional!

The Midlife ReThink

3 days to transition to your next phase. In-depth review of life to date, assessment of today’s reality, and design of the next phase of life, love and/ or work.

  • Harvest the Past: Where I’ve Been
  • Assess the Present: The Current Me
  • Dream the Future: Who I Want to Become Next

Typical Transitions

  • Moving On or Out: into a new company/ new job/ no job
  • Starting Up – from idea to launch to scale
  • Stepping Up – from manager to leader
  • Dual Careers – planning transitions, together
  • Relationship Skills – transitioning into (or out of) relationships – personal and professional teams
  • From Profit to Purpose – or vice versa
  • Towards Generativity – managing maturity

Conscious Coupling: Dual Careers in the Age of Longevity

Other Ways of Working Together

Lightbulb Moments - 1.5 Hours

Get a whole new perspective – fast and impactful.

An hour and a half focused on what’s up, what’s needed, what’s next. Insights guaranteed.

On-demand. One-off, regular or repeat. As needed.

Transition Partner - 6 Sessions

If you want a sparring partner for your transition. Support, accompaniment, challenge and/or champion.

Six 1-hour sessions, scheduled over a 6-month period.

Transition Deep Dives - 1 Day

A whole day. To reflect, take stock and take charge. Online … or in the Somerset countryside.

Complete with all the tools of the trade that might serve: self-assessments, 360 feedback, personality tests, motivational mapping… an online session alternating between coaching, reflecting, digesting and planning.

Also available for couples.

For more information, or to book any of the above, email my team.